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About Dolphins Bay Phuket

Being Phuket’s only Dolphinarium, the Dolphin’s Bay is a popular family destination in the city. The biggest draw to the attraction is, of course, the Dolphin and Fur Seal show, which takes place twice each day on every operating day. Watch dolphins play, leap, dance, and splash around in the water for an hour of pure delight. During the presentation, you'll see our dolphin instructors do their own equally challenging acrobatic stunts. The entertainment also includes seals, who do hilarious stunts, go down the rows, and drop friendly kisses on the cheeks of viewers, eliciting strong emotions in both adults and children.

No one can be uninterested in spending time with animals. For a tiny additional price of 400 baht, you will get the opportunity to get a closer look and take photographs with these amazing sea animals after the presentation. Besides, Dolphins Bay Phuket also allows visitors to get close to and interact with the dolphins with a variety of different programs, which include swimming, dancing, playing with and feeding these beautiful creatures. Visitors can also opt for a professional photography package, where instructors and professional photographs help dolphins pose with the tourists for some extremely striking photos.

Why To Book Dolphins Bay Phuket Tickets?

Home to dolphins bred in captivity, the Dolphins Bay is one of the most ethical animal shows in Phuket. The Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets not only allow one a smooth entry into the attraction, but also lets one take part in a number of fun and interactive activities and games with these beautiful animals. Besides, these Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets, when booked online, also secures one fantastic discount on the entry fee to the Dolphinarium, making it a great way to optimize one’s tour budget.


  • Catch a delightful dolphin and fur seal show at Phuket’s one and only Dolphinarium .
  • Watch as the dolphins swim up to the perimeter of the pool and give you a hug or a kiss .
  • Put yourself in the shows of a dolphin trainer with the Young Trainer session, and get a chance to feed and play with them.
  • Grab the unique opportunity to swim with the dolphins and try out 12 different fun activities, such as waltzing, dancing and playing with a ball.
  • Take a whole load of photographs with these beautiful creatures to carry home as a memento- whether you take them yourself or get it taken by the professional instructors and photographers at the Dolphinarium.


  • Entry to the Dolphinarium
  • Access to the Dolphin show seats, according to the Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets opted for

Popular Dolphins Bay Phuket Tickets Options

The Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets come in multiple variations, and depend on the row of seating at the Dolphinarium. The VVIP tickets are for front row seats, and are followed by the VIP tickets in the second row. The two rows that come next are for Deluxe ticket holders, while the last three rows in the stadium style seating are reserved for the Regular tickets.

Regular Seats
Deluxe Seats
VIP Seats
VVIP Seats

The biggest highlight of the Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets, the Dolphin Show is an absolute must watch for anyone visiting the Aquarium. These tickets guarantee one a seat in the Regular seating area at the Dolphinarium. The Regular Seats are one of the four seating categories, and are located furthest from the pool. However, owing to the stadium-style seating, regular seat ticket holders can still catch all of the events that take place. Both Thai residents and non-residents can book these Dolphin Bay Phuket tickets at different prices.

The Dolphin Bay Phuket tickets for Deluxe seats are reserved for rows C and D at the Dolphinarium. That is, the Deluxe seats are just below the regular seats, and after the VIP rows. The tickets include not just the admission fee to the Dolphinarium, but also guarantees one a seat to the Dolphin Show. Both Thai residents and foreigners can book deluxe seat tickets, albeit at different prices.

The VIP tickets guarantee one a good vantage to the dolphin’s pool. These seats are located on Row B- which is the second row from the pool, and offers a better view than those after them. Of course, the VIP tickets are available to both Thai residents and tourists, albeit non Thai residents pay a higher price for them. The tickets are for fixed dates, and cannot be amended or canceled.

These Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets offer the absolute best seats to the much loved Dolphin show. The VVIP seats are located on the first row, closest to the Dolphin’s pool. This not only means that VVIP ticket holders get the best views of the entire show, but the interactive dolphins also often rise up to hug and kiss the ones in the front seats throughout the interactive program. These Dolphin Bay Phuket tickets are fixed day tickets, and cannot be amended, canceled or refunded.

Experiences In Dolphins Bay Phuket

Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show is, of course, the highlight of the Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets. The show brings the dolphins and fur seals together for a brilliantly orchestrated 45 minute performance. Visitors watch as the dolphins not only swim majestically across the pool, but also perform a variety of tricks, such as hoisting their trainers on their snouts, balancing balls, juggling hoops and much more. The friendly fur seals add to the entire experience with their own set of brilliantly executed tricks.

Photos With Dolphins

The Photo Session is a fantastic opportunity to take a snapshot with dolphins that you should not pass up! It's a fantastic chance for families, couples, and friends to spend quality time together while photographing our gorgeous dolphins and fur seals. The professional photographers and trainers come together to help you pose in the best and most photogenic way, while assisting the dolphins to pose along with you. The Dolphinarium offers several photography packages based on the preset poses and types of photographs one wants to take.

Magic Touch

This is a splendid way to meet and interact with these incredible and gentle creatures. Adults and children alike will enjoy this exercise. Following your initial encounter with dolphins, you will have the opportunity to spend time with them while playing various activities. Throughout all of the events, you will be able to shoot some unusual photographs. All of the activities are appropriate for people of all ages. All you'll need is your swimsuit and a positive attitude!

Young Trainer

Despite its often misleading name, Young Trainer is open to visitors across all ages. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a dolphin trainer, understand much more about the lives of these majestic animals, and discover something new and exciting! The programme involves the initial encounter with dolphins, practise of various elements on the show programme, and dolphin feeding. Of course, the experience is entirely supervised by the trainers at the Dolphinarium. It is appropriate for both children and adults.

Happy Time

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interact with these intelligent and kind creatures. Visitors will get to try up to 12 different activities with the dolphins; hugging the dolphins or getting one’s nose kissed by them is obviously on the list, but these beautiful creatures have been known to sing and waltz with the tourists as well. Tourists may also take a ride on the dolphin’s backs, holding on to their back or pectoral fins. Besides, one can even feed the dolphin fish, or take a picture with them. The activities in a particular session will, however, depend on the dolphin’s mood, and not all 12 activities will take place each session. You'll have some time to shower and change into your swimsuit after the safety briefing and signing of the insurance forms. The water temperature in the pool is around 26 degrees Celsius. Children as young as four years old can swim with dolphins if they are not scared of water and are confident in it.

Know Before You Book Dolphin Bay Phuket Tickets

Location: 33/50, Moo 2, Chalong, Phuket

Timings: Wednesday to Sunday - 11.00 AM & 02.00 PM

Best Time To Visit: The Dolphin Bay can be visited throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Phuket is generally deemed to be the winter season, that is, between October and May.

How To Reach:

By Car: The easiest and most convenient way to reach Dolphin’s Bay would be by car or taxi. The Dolphinarium is located in the Chalong area, which is about an hour’s drive away from the Phuket international airport. It takes half an hour from Patong Beach and about ten minutes from Rawai.

By Bus: There are some blue buses or songthaews that depart from Phuket and travel to Chalong. However, these buses are timed at only one bus per hour, and traveling by bus tends to take a lot of time.

Dolphins Bay Phuket Tickets FAQs

Is there any fee charged differently for clicking pictures with Dolphin?

Yes, an additional fee of 400 BHT is charged for a photo session with the dolphins.

What are the different Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets options available?

The different Dolphins Bay tickets options available are the Regular Seat tickets, Deluxe Seat tickets, VIP tickets and VVIP tickets.

What are Dolphins Bay Phuket opening hours?

The Dolphin Show takes place twice every day between Wednesday and Sunday- once at 11.00 AM and once at 02.00 PM. The gates are opened approximately half an hour before each show.

Can we book Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets online?

Booking the Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets online is not only possible, but also highly recommended. Purchasing online tickets comes with the added benefits of not having to queue up at the venue for the tickets, of guaranteed discounts on the ticket prices, and of securing your seat way in advance and at a good price.

How much do Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets cost?

The price of the Dolphins Bay ticket starts at 600 THB for adults and 400 TBH for children. The prices rise with the kind of seat opted for. However, those buying their Dolphin Bay Phuket tickets online are sure to get a good discount on their ticket price.

What is the best time to visit Dolphins Bay Phuket?

Being an indoor attraction, Dolphins Bay can just as easily be visited in Bangkok summers as in winters.

For how long are Dolphins Bay Phuket Tickets valid?

The Dolphins Bay Phuket tickets are fixed dated tickets, and they’re valid only on the date and the performance slot that is booked.

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