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About Dolphins Bay Phuket

Spend some time interacting with and witnessing these beautiful creatures at the dolphins bay Phuket, the one and only dolphinarium in this entire city. Get a chance to meet beautiful dolphins such as Ami, Alice, Maya, Grand and Casper, during your visit, in addition to friendly fur seals named Masha and Ponchik. Soak in the tranquil yet thrilling ambience of this place, while you enjoy the one-of-a-kind dolphins bay Phuket show, as these magnificent marine animals showcase their skills and tricks to you.

Learn how the dolphins are taken care of by their coaches, and get a chance to interact and play with them during your visit, thereby learning how smart and intelligent they are. Indulge in close dolphin encounters by taking part in other activities within the dolphinarium, such as the Royal Swim as well as Diving Interactions, for an even better experience. And while you are here, don’t forget to capture the dolphins turning hula hoops, bouncing in the water and even painting in your camera lens. You can also make your visit to the dolphins bay Phuket even more memorable by swimming with them, or enjoying a hug and kiss from the fur seals during the show.

Why Buy Dolphins Bay Phuket Tickets Online?

Booking your tickets to the Dolphins Bay Phuket online is the easiest and most hassle-free way to explore this attraction. By purchasing your tickets online, you can skip the rush and heat of the ticket counters. Additionally, purchasing the tickets online also lets you get ahead of the long entry and waiting queues, so you can visit the dolphinarium at a more comfortable pace. Furthermore, pre-booking your tickets to Dolphins Bay Phuket also allows you a chance to enjoy exciting discounts on each purchase, in addition to several amazing offers.

  • Enjoy a visit to the unique dolphins bay Phuket, the only dolphinarium in the region.
  • Witness the friendly Dolphins performing in famous Dolphin Bay Phuket, where they showcase their skills and intelligence.
  • Indulge in the 45-minutes show and witness these gentle sea creatures along with fur seals put on their balancing acts and dancing skills, and also see them paint with a brush.
  • See how these creatures get playful with their trainers and coaches, as they swim with them, hug and kiss them and even play with them during the dolphin bay Phuket show.
  • Don’t forget to take some memorable photographs with these beautiful creatures to take back home as souvenirs.
  • A chance to see dolphins named Maya, Grand, Casper, Ami and Alice
  • An access to reserved regular seats, deluxe seats, VIP seats or VVIP seats, according to your choice of dolphin bay Phuket price.
  • Chance to click pictures with the dolphins and seals present during the show in the dolphinarium.
  • Shared pick-up and drop-off facilities from Patong, Kata and Karon areas, depending on your ticket purchase.

Why Visit Dolphins Bay Phuket?

  • Dolphins Bay Phuket is the one and only Dolphinarium in all of Phuket, where you can get a chance to not only enjoy a spectacular Dolphin show, but also swim with these friendly animals.
  • It is here where you can witness Dolphins named Ami, Alice, Maya, Grand and Casper entertain and surprise you with the different variety of their tricks.
  • At the Dolphins Bay Phuket, you can witness these soft creatures perform their dance to groovy music, paint with a brush, balance themselves on balls, throw hula hoops or even swim with their trainers, among other marvellous tricks.
  • You must also visit the Dolphins Bay Phuket Dolphinarium since it boasts of having one of the best Dolphin shows in the whole world. Dolphins here are being trained by expert professionals under great care and ambience.
  • Dolphins Bay Phuket is also amongst the very few places in all of Thailand where you can pet these emotional creatures and acquaint yourselves to them, before enjoying getting up close with them for photographs.
  • This Dolphinarium also has fur seals, and if you are seated in the first two rows during their show, you might even get lucky and get a kiss and hug from these friendly animals.

Activities In Dolphins Bay Phuket

Besides the Dolphins Bay Phuket show, the dolphinarium offers several interesting and fun-filled activities that visitors can indulge in. You can enjoy seeing dolphins dance to music, paint with a brush and even play with visitors here. Additionally, you can even get a chance to go swimming with these gentle creatures, taking photographs with them and more during your visit to the Dolphins Bay Phuket.

Dolphin Show

The Dolphins Bay Phuket show is one of the most popular activities that you can enjoy at this Dolphinarium. It is considered to be amongst the most modern Dolphin shows in the whole world. Additionally, the Dolphin Bay Phuket show is one wherein you can see them show their intelligence by performing a wide array of tricks in front of visitors. From balancing on balls, and playing with their trainers, to grooving to music as well as painting with a brush in real time, the Dolphins at Dolphins Bay Phuket can do it all. The show is also helpful in educating guests about these gentle and emotional yet smart and funny marine animals.

Photos With Dolphins

When enjoying the Dolphin Bay Phuket show, you must definitely capture all the happy moments that you had together with the Dolphins and fur seals here. Click photographs with Dolphins named Ami, Maya, Alice, Grand and Casper, along with seals named Masha and Ponchik during your visit. With help from professional trainers, you can get near the Dolphins and enjoy taking photographs with them. You can also enjoy taking photographs as you hug, kiss or play with these creatures.

Magic Touch

A Magic Touch experience during the Dolphins Bay Phuket show is amongst the most unique opportunities that you can enjoy here. . The activity is open for both adults as well as children. Additionally, it allows you a chance to interact with the Dolphins here, and play several games with them. The activity also includes taking photos with these friendly marine creatures. Simply put on your swimming suit, get into the water, acquaint yourself with the Dolphins and enjoy the different activities and games that you can indulge in with these creatures.

Young Trainer

At the Dolphins Bay Phuket, you can also indulge in a unique opportunity to become a Dolphin trainer for some time. By doing so, you can not only learn about the life of these friendly creatures, but also find out how they are taken care of inside the Dolphinarium, how they are fed and several other things. Perfect for children and adults alike, the Young Trainer activity also includes your first close interaction with the Dolphins, in addition to seeing their program rehearsals, feeding shows and a lot more. This one-of-a-kind experience also allows you a chance to learn how these Dolphins and fur seals were rescued and brought to the Dolphinarium.

Happy Time

It is at Dolphins Bay Phuket where you can get a chance to spend a happy time with Dolphins, by indulging in a plethora of exciting activities. In addition to swimming with the Dolphins, you can also get a chance to hug and kiss them whilst you swim in the waters. A great activity for both kids as well as adults, Happy Time lets you have an unforgettable experience with these friendly creatures. Complete with safety briefing and training properly, before you indulge in this great activity.

Know Before You Visit Dolphin Bay Phuket

Location: 33/50, Moo 2, Chalong, Phuket, Thailand

Timings:There are 3 Dolphin show timings at Dolphins Bay Phuket:11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.02:00 p.m. to 02:45 p.m.05:00 p.m. to 05:45 p.m.

How To Reach:

By Train: From Blue Photong Nai Harn, Phuket, you can catch a Train. The drive to the location will take approximately 1 hour and 25 minutes from Phuket's major metropolis.

By Car: The site is around a 15-minute drive from Phuket's main metropolis. To get there, you can either hire a cab or rent a car.

Best Time To Visit: The best time to visit Dolphin Bay Phuket is at the end of the year, which is in the months of November and December as the weather is cool and pleasant and one can enjoy the weather and get entertained by watching Dolphins simultaneouly.

Tips To Visit Dolphins Bay Phuket

  • The Dolphinarium remains closed on Mondays, so it is advisable to plan your visit accordingly.
  • It is recommended to carry an extra set of clothes and a towel when you visit Dolphins Bay Phuket, since you may get soaked in water during the Dolphin show.
  • It is best to avail tickets to Dolphins Bay Phuket online, which helps you skip the long entry queues and explore the Dolphinarium at a more comfortable pace.
  • Shared transfer services to and from Dolphins Bay Phuket are only available from the Patong, Kata and Karon areas, so you must plan your travel accordingly.
  • You must always have your passport, visa details and other proof of identity while visiting the Dolphinarium.

Dolphins Bay Phuket FAQs

What are the different ticket types available for booking in Dolphins Bay Phuket?

There are 4 different ticket types available for booking in Dolphins Bay Phuket-- Regular Tickets (for both Thai and Non-Thai Residents): seats are allotted in the second-last and last rows- Deluxe Tickets (for both Thai and Non-Thai Residents): seats are allotted in the middle rows- VIP Tickets (for both Thai and Non-Thai Residents): seats are allotted in the second rows from the front- VVIP Tickets (for both Thai and Non-Thai Residents): seats are allotted in the front (first) rows Visitors aged between 4 to 12 years of age require entry tickets for kids, and children below 4 years of age can avail free entry into Dolphins Bay Phuket

Are we allowed to swim with Dolphins in Dolphins Bay Phuket?

Yes, you are allowed to swim with Dolphins in Dolphins Bay Phuket. It is a major highlight of this Dolphinarium and they let you spend around 10 minutes in the pool with the Dolphins.

Is there any fee charged differently for clicking pictures with Dolphin?

No, there is no extra fee charged differently for clicking pictures with the Dolphins. Everything is included in the Dolphin Bay Phuket price that you pay for the ticket/s of your choice.

What are the Dolphin Show timings at Dolphins Bay Phuket?

There are 3 Dolphin show timings at Dolphins Bay Phuket:11:00 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.02:00 p.m. to 02:45 p.m.05:00 p.m. to 05:45 p.m. The gates typically open 20 minutes prior to each of the shows and visitors are requested to report at least 5 minutes before the designated time of the show.

What is Dolphins Bay Phuket famous for?

Dolphins Bay Phuket is famous for being the only Dolphinarium in all of Phuket, in addition to having one of the most modern Dolphin shows in the whole world. It is also an ethical Dolphinarium, which means that all the Dolphins here are of captive breed, which have been born in captivity and then taken care of and trained by experts in the field. It is due to this that all the Dolphins here are extremely friendly and like to play and interact with visitors.


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