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About Dolphin Bay Phuket Experiences

Dolphins Bay Phuket, the sole dolphinarium, is a popular family attraction in the city. The Dolphin and Fur Seal Show, which takes place twice daily on every operational day, is the main draw of the site. For an hour of sheer joy, one can watch dolphins frolic, hop, dance, and splash around in the water. The dolphin trainers will do their own equally difficult aerobatic maneuvers during the show. The fur seals, who are the other residents at the Dolphinarium, also do amusing antics, go down the rows, and kiss spectators on the cheeks.

Following the demonstration, you will get the opportunity to have a closer look at these incredible aquatic creatures and take pictures with them. Dolphins Bay Phuket also offers a number of programmes that allow guests to get up and personal with the dolphins, including swimming, dancing, playing with, and feeding these magnificent creatures. Visitors may also choose for a professional photography package, in which instructors and photographers assist dolphins in posing with people for some stunning shots.

Dolphin Bay Experiences

While the Dolphin Show is, of course, the biggest draw of the Dolphinarium, the other activities to do in Dolphins Bay make for a happening day out with the family. Visitors not only get to watch the magnificent creatures perform, but also get the chance to immerse themselves in training and feeding sessions. Do note that all activities apart from the Dolphin Show require an extra charge.

Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show is, without a doubt, the most awaited of all experiences at Dolphins Bay Phuket. The event blends together dolphins and fur seals for a 45-minute performance that is expertly organized. Visitors may witness the dolphins do a variety of stunts, including carrying their trainers on their snouts, balancing balls, juggling hoops, and much more. Those sitting on the very front seats may also be privy to a quick hug or a kiss on the nose by the friendly dolphins! With their own set of well accomplished stunts, the friendly fur seals contribute to the whole experience. The Dolphin Show takes place twice each working day, and the tickets are slotted accordingly.

Photos with Dolphins

The Photo Session is an incredible opportunity to take a photo with dolphins that you should not miss out on! Among the most sought after activities to do in Dolphins Bay Phuket, the opportunity is ideal for families, couples, and groups of friends to spend valuable time together while capturing our beautiful dolphins and fur seals. Professional photographers and trainers join forces to assist you in posing in the finest and most attractive way possible, while also aiding the dolphins in posing with you. The Dolphinarium provides a variety of photographic packages based on predetermined poses and shot kinds.

Magic Touch

This is an excellent method to meet and engage with these magnificent and gentle creatures. One of the mildest experiences at Dolphins Bay, Magic Touch is best for the younger crowd. Following your first meeting with dolphins, you will be able to spend time with them while participating in various activities. Throughout the festivities, you will have the opportunity to take some unique images. All of the activities are suitable for individuals of all ages, although especially well suited to little children who cannot engage in more complicated activities, or are too young to swim independently in the other programs.

Young Trainer

Despite its often deceptive title, Young Trainer welcomes guests of all ages. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to step into the shoes of a dolphin trainer, learn more about the lives of these magnificent creatures, and discover something new and fascinating! The programme includes an initial interaction with dolphins, as well as practise of different performance aspects- such as hoop juggling, ball throwing and more- and dolphin feeding. The encounter is, of course, completely overseen by the Dolphinarium's trainers.

Happy Time

This is perhaps the most exciting experience at Dolphins Bay Phuket. Visitors will be able to participate in up to 12 various activities with the dolphins, including cuddling them and having their nose kissed, but these lovely creatures have also been known to sing and waltz with humans. Tourists may even ride on the backs of dolphins while clinging to their back or pectoral fins. Aside from that, one may feed the dolphin fish or snap a photo with them. The activities in a given session, however, can vary depending on the dolphin's mood, and not all 12 activities will be available at all times. Each session lasts for 10 minutes. After the safety training and signing of the insurance documents, visitors should change into appropriate swimwear. The pool depth is up to 5 meters, and can be swum in by children if they're confident enough.

Know Before You Go for Phuket Dolphin Show Ticket

Things to Carry:- A camera- Bathing Suit - Towel- An extra set of clothes

Do’s and Don'ts of visiting Dolphin’s Bay:

Do’s:Arrive at least 20 minutes before each show, as the gates open then For same day ticket bookings, allow at least 15-20 minutes for a ticket confirmationYoung children participating in any of the experiences at Dolphins Bay Phuket should be supervised by adults at all times

Don'ts:- Do not carry any inflammable or sharp objects into the Dolphinarium - Pets are strictly prohibited within the Dolphinarium Premises - Smoking within the Dolphin’s Bay is forbidden and punishable - It would be advisable to stay away if you’re suddenly down with a contagious disease, including but not limited to lesions, infections and skin ruptures


What all activities are there in Dolphin Bay Phuket?

There are several fun activities to do in Dolphins Bay Phuket:- Young Trainer: This puts visitors in a trainer's shoe as they help the resident instructors feed and train the dolphins - Magic Touch: The short interaction allows guests to play and touch the dolphins Photo with Dolphins: As the name suggests, this session allows visitors to pose for professional photographs - Happy Time: This 10 minute session allows tourists to engage with the dolphins in about 12 activities, including waltzing, signing, playing and riding on the dolphin’s backs.

Which is the most convenient way to reach Dolphin Bay Phuket?

Located in Chalong Bay, the most convenient way of reaching Dolphins Bay Phuket would be by car. The attraction is about an hour’s drive away from the Phuket international airport. It takes half an hour from Patong Beach and about ten minutes from Rawai.

What are the opening hours of Dolphin Bay Phuket?

The Dolphin Show takes place twice a day each day between Wednesday and Thursday. The timings for the show are 11.00 AM and 02.00 PM. The gates to the Dolphinarium open 20 minute before each show, and the other activities can only be done after the shows.

Why is Dolphin Bay so famous in Phuket?

Being Phuket’s only Dolphinarium, it is no wonder that Dolphins Bay is so popular in this city. Besides, the Dolphinarium not only offers a dolphin show for one to watch, but a whole variety of exciting interactive activities as well.

What are the seating options?

  • Regular Seats: Fifth to Seventh row seats.
  • Deluxe Seat: Third and fourth row seats.
  • VIP seats:Second row seats.
  • VVIP Seats: First row seats.

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